December 29, 2007

Literal Enabling

Let's see...What else did I get from Santa?

Oh, that's right I got books! A friend picked up Favorite Socks for me as a thank-you/Christmas present and TURBOdad (i.e. Dad) picked out the yarn lover's guide to hand-dyeing with no prompting. Let's take a look shall we?

First, we have IK's 25 best patterns which will really help me get a jump start on those Embossed Leaves socks I've been dying to start. I plan on knitting them with my Whitewillow Autumn Oak yarn. The geek in me is dying of the irony. Embossed Leaves knit with Autumn Oak yarn...leaves...trees...My day is complete.

Next, we have TURBOdad's complete surprise gift which just so happened to be featured in the winter issue of Knitty. I told him all about the natural yarn dyeing class I took a SAFF this year and he found some more resources for me in the form of this book, the yarn lover's guide to hand-dyeing. TURBOdad is a hobbyist at heart. He totally gets me. He picked this out all by himself. I am unbelievably proud. I can't wait to start dyeing my own self striping sock yarn.

Though, probably not in the hideous colors they choose here. I believe next year at SAFF, I will be shopping for cochineal bugs, and indigo dyes along with some acid dyes as soon as I figure out the differences between a protein, cellulose and tencel fibers.

I promise to give a full book review after I explore some of the areas of this book more thoroughly. *cough*dyeingsomeyarn*coughcough* I see a Louet dyer's kit in my future.

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