December 27, 2007

Christmas Yarn P0rn

Since I gave this post away yesterday, I figured it was the next logical post. The Hubby gave me three hanks of Louet worsted weight in 'Grape' to finish this baby blanket. Just in case, you don't really feel like following a hyperlink, I'll give you a refresher of where I left off ummmmm, January of this year and where I am picking up from practically a year later....

Honestly, that's just down right pathetic. It took me/the Hubby 12 months to buy more yarn for this? I think the socks have taken over.

I popped one of our Christmas movies (we got eleven all together) into the PS2, which we use like a dvd player in the bedroom.** So after Spirited Away started up, I got this much further:

That my virtual friends is the second row and I am quite pleased with my progress. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Louet is such a yummy yarn to work with. As soft on the hands as butter. I gushed about it so much that the Hubby exclaimed, "I don't think I should have given you yarn for Christmas. Where's my Weasley Sweater?" I'm sure that I'll get back around to that WIP sometime in the new year. Now where's my next movie?

**And why yes, I am the most fantastic wife ever for letting him have all four game consoles at the foot of our bed. I am also the most patient wife ever for buying him a wireless controller and games which were not on his Christmas list. I could practically be a saint if it weren't for the whole my-husband-is-really-a-teenage-boy-of-14-not-the-26-he-claims-to-be-thing.

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