December 26, 2007


I have decided to be dubious blogger and solely post each (pertinent to knitting) gift over the next few days. You see if I do this several things occur:

1.) I can enjoy my presents that much longer.

2.) This post won't be a picture overload and therefore hard on your computer and interwebs.

3.) You all like to see knitting purchases, knitting paraphernalia and knitted objects. I can supply you with those.

4.) I will spend actual time with my husband during the break instead of on the computer writing the world's longest post.

5.) Alright, you caught me, I'll spend time knitting in the presence of my husband during the break instead of on the computer writing the world's longest post. Happy now?

6.) I will have blogging fodder so several days. Replace the word dubious with the word "lazy" you will recall one of my strongest personality traits.

So without further ado, you will see the knitting-related present the Hubby and I are most happy with: My new swift!

Hip-Hip-Hooray! Three cheers for the Swift!

When I opened this the Hubby actually let out a sigh of relief. Apparently, our current method using his arms as a human swift causes my to yell angry words at him. It has been told that I may have once told him "he had arms like limp noodles" causing him to stomp off mid-winding. I would never admit to such a claim.

I will admit to the fact, that I knew this gift was coming from my parents, so I took some yarn and my ball winder to show off my new gift. I gathered Mom, Dad, Older Brother*, Grandma, and Hubby into my parents kitchen and wound two skeins of yarn into yarn cakes. The Mother (knitter) and Grandma (crocheter) where delighted with the fun-ness that was the duo of ball winder and swift. They then launched into a debate concerning the tension in the yarn cake and stories of hand-winding balls of yarn. The Older Brother was quoted saying "it was like something out of New Yankee Workshop**," which we all laughed at except my father whose eyes lit up at the mention of the show. Secretly, I think that he liked my new toy.

After winding one ball, I asked if anyone wanted to take a turn winding the second. I'm at a loss as to why no one took me up on that. I had to control myself not to wind all three right then and there. I was only moderately successful as you can see two hanks are wound instead of just one.

*The Older Brother is my only brother, but I still feel it is important to point out he is older. Always.

** As children without cable TV *gasp!* We were forced to watch things like public television which attempted to teach us things. *shock and horror* My father, an excellent D-I-Yer by hobby and trade, liked to watch shows like This Old House with Norm and The New Yankee Workshop, and Bob Ross which The Older Brother and I suffered through in our moments of desperation to attempts to absorb as much television as possible. Why didn't we have cable TV you ask? When we moved into the new house when I was five, my parents had only so much money for luxuries. So my very smart mother asked my brother and I if we would rather have cable TV or a pool membership. She asked us in the middle of July, quite possibly the hottest month in Georgia. We picked the pool. Very smart woman.

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The Chickengoddess said...

1) Nice swift! (I couldn't live without mine, I'm spoiled)

2) I would have picked the pool, too.

3)If you ever need a hamster fix, the Horde would welcome a visit. And you won't have to clean up after them or anything.