November 23, 2007

Psychology 101

You know the ole' story about college freshman taking their first psychology course? The one that goes on to say that the students start diagnosing everyone one with a mental illness, because they've read about it? (By the way, I did not do that and I was a psych minor.) I believe the same moral applies to reading Ravelry threads about aching hands, arms, shoulders, backs, etc from knitting too long.

Don't get me wrong, Ravelry is a great motivator for those of just who have multiple UFO lurking the corners especially if you refuse to post a picture of any project until it's completed. Not me of course, I only have two. But back to the psych 101 student/Ravelry thread readers...

Wednesday I read this thread, because occasionally I might be a tad overzealous to the point that the back of my left hand feels like I have lit it on fire with a blow torch. You know it might be good to have some first aid remedies on hand in a situation like that. Case in point: Thursday, I decided to finish the back of the Hubby's Weasley Sweater and start on one of the sleeves. (aside: I am so there on sleeve island and about ready to poke my eyes out with my needles. Not my good Addi ones though, just my crappier Boye pairs.) Followed by another day of ripping out hours worth of mistakes and trying reknit an entire PoPosaurus Rex in one day. After which my arms might willingly detach themselves from my body at the shoulders just to avoid a third day of delirious knitting fever (which will so happen tomorrow PoPo so needs to wear her PoPosaurus Rex sweater to visit her cousin Rogue, the English setter).

Today, I actually knitted through the left-hand-pain and knit straight on to the I-had to-take-a-hot-bath-to-soak-my-shoulders-pain. The thing is I have never had shoulder pain (from knitting) before in my life. I didn't know you should stretch before you knit. Or that one must build up to hours of knitting, like a marathon runner builds up to hours of running. Personally, I think it's the thread talking. I think my shoulders just heard that they could "get sore" from knitting and decided to use it to their advantage. Heh, heh, heh. They thought, We'll pretend to get sore from knitting today, because the legs really screwed us over yesterday with that face plant while walking. She didn't even finish the first lap! We'll show them. And no, I'm still bruised from the face plant, so I won't tell you about it until later.

Tonight, because I can't knit, I had to take a hundred horrible pictures of my cats. PoPo wasn't cooperating. (I got her out from underneath her blankie before 9 am to potty and that just wasn't cool. She was so sleepy she walked out to her "area" to go #1 and #2, circled a few times, forgot to go and walked back up the steps to go inside.) So here goes:

Bad cat pictures: Maya way too up close.

Bad cat pictures: Maya in this photo could be funny if I could come up with a good lolcat.
Bad cat pictures: Slugboy featuring Nigel, the indeterminable lump.
Bad cat pictures: My best attempt to show Nigel as something other than Slugboy.

Bad cat pictures: Maya The Bag Licker. If you scroll really fast these next pictures make a flip book.

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The Chickengoddess said...

How strange, I have a bag licking cat, too! I wonder what it is they like so much about licking plastic bags?

I have a wrist pain that acts up only when I am knitting with #4 needles. I have tried to work through it, but it seems to be a real limit. It doesn't happen with any other needle size so far. Weird.