November 7, 2007

Bad Ravelry! Bad!

Today I left for lunch/work at what I thought was 11:45am, but in reality it was 12:45 and I was due at work in 15 minutes. It wasn't the time change that screwed me up, it was the time sucking vortex around that magically made my eyes see an hour earlier than the actual time so that I could waste more brain cells arranging my projects, stash and books. Let's not forget that Ravelry invites you to look at other projects you might like. It's like giving crack to a druggie and I'm an addict.

So I'm zooming along (when I should be eating apparently) adding my projects and stuff when I decide to "take a break" and "review" my progress. That's when Ravelry showed me just how many WIPs I have in in the wings and in hibernation. Eight. I have EIGHT freaking WIPs! How did this happen? I don't even have a complete listing of all my projects. This can't be right...

1. First, I have the current sock mate for my completed Monkey, so that doesn't really count.

2. Second, I have Fetching which lives by the couch should I ever be without needles. So it's really more of a stand-by than an actual project. Plus, it's on my only pair of DPNs and I hate straight needles, therefore it's not a real project as it's more or less destined for the frog pond.

3. Third, The Hubby's Weasley Sweater was on hold for the summer. You don't really expect me to knit a 40" chest with tweed yarn during a sticky, humid Georgia summer do you? I thought not.

4. Fourth, is my SAFF Sweater. It just needs another sleeve and the collar before it's all finished up. Something that close can't even count as a WIP. It's more of a PFO, Practically Finished Object.

5. Fifth. Yes, I realize I am repeating the numerical symbol with their written forms. I like it Shuddup. Where was I...oh, yes! Fifth, is PoPo's Dogosaurus Rex Sweater which is facing mathematical errors of how to get around a barrel chested dog without looking stupid. I have put it to the side in hopes it might fix itself. (I guess that one counts, uh?)

6. Sixth, my mystery project is also hanging out in the land of Mathematical Errors. So it counts too. Doh!

7. Seventh, the Bag Bag is awaiting the right colored plastic shopping bags. I can not be held responsible for the color bags I am given while shopping. It doesn't count.

8. Eighth, the Sheep Booties that only need seaming and we all know seaming is practically finished. That adds it to the PFO list and definitely not a WIP.

So in review, I really only have two WIPs, not eight. I knew it couldn't really be eight. Two WIPs is a much more manageable amount. Thank goodness we got that straighten out.


funfairiegirl said...

whatever you have to tell yourself to get through the day...

also - COME VISIT ME! I hate life now that SAFF is over!!!

and I shall teach you a toe up toe that isn't pointy. yes, I shall.

Hockey Mom said...

Hmmm, you can talk yourself out of anything can't ya?

I like your reasoning though and I may borrow it and make it mine own.