November 21, 2007

Space Invaders have stolen my gauge

I'm so peeved I can't even blog properly, so instead I will write out a list of the hows and whys of my peevitude(?). It's high time this blog saw another list anyway.

1. I am knitting the first pair of socks for my Hubby.
2. He requested them after I pointed them out in
3. They are monsterous sized socks.
4. Because I love him, I specially dyed the green and black yarn just for these socks.
5. I left my hand in this pic just for the bling.
6. The space invader part will have to be frogged, because even though I perfectly estimated ankle size of the Hubby's skinny ankle/big foot combo I did not estimate for the non-give in the fair-isle aliens to slip over the fat foot.
7. Convince Hubby he wants to wear these permanently, so I don't have to rip anything back.

1 comment:

turtlegirl76 said...

D'oh! But your colorwork looks fabulous! At least there's that!