November 5, 2007

The Knitting Gods vs. Me

It seems that The Knitting Gods are against me on this one. I am apparently destined to never own for myself a complete pair of Hedera socks.

The First Pair ended up going to my mother after I showed them to her. She literally got so excited she pulled them off my feet to put them on her own. It's okay though, I thought to myself. Those were a little short in the foot anyway and I always have more yarn. At the time I thought people stealing your hand knit socks was a good thing. The thought, Oh my gosh my mom loves my lovingly made creations so much she must possess them for herself might have crossed my mind. I was under the impression that I was experiencing the kind of heart warming moment all knitters wish to receive when they give away hand knits. What I did not get were the Danger! Danger! Impending Doom! thoughts I should have been having as it was really just a prelude of the adversity to come.

Enter the second pair of Hedera socks. This time with the foot carefully measured to the right length so that I had no excuse but to keep them for myself. Of course when I say measured, I mean compulsively tried on after every 4 rows of pattern when I thought it was getting close to needing a toe. The first sock fit perfectly. The heel sat just where it needed to and the toe wasn't stretching within every inch of it's life to cover the last of my foot. As I cast on for the mate of the first sock I knew I was running low, but knitterly denial/mojo wouldn't let me stop simply because I was running low on yarn. I had run out what I thought was the perfect place to run out of yarn at. In fact, I may have bragged about it. I should have known the Knitting Gods would strike me down at that point, because it's not as if there is a good place to run out of yarn, people. *insert smacking of forehead with palm here* And after all they let me slip by unscathed with the First Pair.

Then as if to tempt me, The Knitting Gods allowed me to pick up some koigu mill ends in a similar enough color. Note: if you saw my Lime Whitewillow yarn at SAFF and thought it was brilliant, the koigu puts it to shame. SO. EYE POPPING. TOO. LOUD. End Note. I plopped down my five dollars and thought myself smug. Again, I should have known that a smug knitter is just asking for the retribution of the Knitting Gods to smite her. I did not know. I continued to be smug.

Well this, my friends is what the Knitting Gods to do Smug, Deal Stealing, Obsessive Foot Measuring, Extra Yarn Hoarding SOBs. They leave you with just the toe decreases left to do before running out of yarn again.

If it rains, I'm staying inside-Away from the lightening.


evilsciencechick said...


this is why I divide the yarn in equal halves before starting a sock.

and then knit them toe up. this way, I never run out of yarn before finishing.

but I am a better person than to act smugly superior and suggest that YOU do these things. Therefore, I will shake my head sadly and say "tch tch, that's too bad, they're very pretty." And maybe give you comforting pat on the shoulder and hand you a cupcake. Cupcakes make everything better.


turtlegirl76 said...

I did my Hederas Toe-up. It's a pretty handy technique. S'all I'm saying.

Hockey Mom said...

Echoing the toe-up mantra and backing away slowwwwwly.

Take the cupcake, it's good.

elizabeth said...

One of these days I'm going to figure out EXACTLY how much yardage I need for toes. So I don't do exactly this! :o)

Contrasting toes?