July 5, 2007

Hedera FO

Guess who got a new camera? My department at work! Now guess how many people are in my department? One! Me! (Though, in order to rationalize it as a purchase, I did promise to share it with the rest of the overall 'Admissions' department. ) Just in time to share some new socks! Oh, what's that you say? I already blogged about these socks. Well, the newer, better pictures make up for the first post.

Pattern: Hedera by Cookie A. (who else?)

Yarn: 'Lime' by Whitewillow (mmm...who else?) I love the fact that this is a semi-solid color. The slightest variation of greens really added to the depth of the lace. I may start using more semi-solids in the future, because of this yarn.

Mods: Picot edging instead of twisted rib stitch. I thought that it was more organic than the ribbing and would therefore 'flow' better into the ivy. Plus, it's more fun. However, it's not very elastic and were my cankles not so fat it would slouch. Thankfully (WTF?!), I have fat ankles and the socks don't slink down my leg. Oh! And I didn't do all 13 repeats. I only did eleven.

I am loving this yarn dyer, this pattern designer and everything about the combo of the two. Thank you Brooke and Cookie! Prepare to see a lot more of the two in the future!

P.S. I saw transformers on Tuesday and it rocked. If you saw this show as a child and have it idealized in your head. It won't disappoint.

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