October 30, 2007

The Booty

Noob and I were good knitters this year at SAFF. (Look at my typing 'this year' as if I have gone multiple years already. Apparently, not attending in future years is not even conceivable. Ha!) We went with budgets and we stuck to them. Don't get me wrong not because we wanted to; Heaven's no. Who wants a budget at a yarn festival? We stuck to our budgets because as much as we love yarn and the animals which produce it, we still wanted to a) eat b)have gas money to drive home on c) have homes to go to, because if we spent as much money as we wanted to we might not have Homes or Husbands anymore.

Actually I came in under budget. I spent a grand total of $5.00. Try not to fall over from shock. I purchased this Kougi mill end (my first kougi ever) which was close enough to WhiteWillow's Lime in color and weight that I can actually finish my second sock of my second pair of Hederas. You know the sock which I can not put down. The book was already in my possession.

Look at the tiny little skein it makes next to a quarter. Happy little skein.

And for some reason Noob came home with much more than my one tiny skein. For the life of me, I can not figure it out why. I'm sure it's not at all related my unrelenting pressure she purchase her first sock yarn and needles (bottom) or the fact that I picked out my own Christmas present of 100% Merino mill ends in scrumptious fall colors (top).

She really wanted to pick out a boring, old, plain, solid brown, but I talked her out of it. Everyone knows that you have to have an interesting yarn to keep you interested in the next 7 inches of sock that to fit around your leg. I think she picked out a wonderful color. Don't ask me why but it reminds me of the colorway Aslan from Lorna's Laces. Yes, I realize that the only similarity is the brown.

I feel I should also mention that I am perpetuating project adultery. She now has the original learn to knit garter scarf (in cream) on one set of needles and this sock on another. We are starting her on a simple 2x2 tube sock. How's that coming Noob? Has the scarf already hit the wayside in favor of the much more wonderful socks?


turtlegirl76 said...

Woman you rock! Did you seriously get her to start socks as her second project?! Awesome. And $5 really? Next year, you're with me and making me practice that much restraint.

Anonymous said...

Everything has gone by the wayside in favor of sleep, but the husband has much reading to do this weekend for his Master's so I have time on my hands. You know me better than to think that I can let the cream scarf go unfinished. I have like, maybe, 2 yards left. It will be finished this weekend. Now tying off the ends is another story (since you never showed me.) The sock will receive some much needed attention as well. Don't worry!