September 12, 2007

Circs vs. Straights

As I was working on this , I began to notice a certain feeling arise in my fingers...


At first, I thought that it was because I was knitting too tightly. As a control-freak is it very hard for me to get the stick out from up my butt and knit relaxed stitches. It is also most commonly the problem that causes pain in my hands. However, the stitches slid up and down the needle smoothly. Yes, that's how I gauge if I am knitting too tightly. Shuddup!

Disbanding that theory, I went with the next most obvious change. I am using straight needles. Both of my size two circulars needles are currently being used on my RPM socks. More accurately, they are being saved on my remaining RPM sock for when the Yarn Harlot to comes speak. It would feel so wrong not to knit on a sock while she's in town only 6 days from now, but I digress.

I am using some rather short, size two straight needles for my second set of herringbone booties and only a few minutes into knitting piercing pains run down the backs of my hands. Now, I have had the I've-been-knitting-for-hours-and-I-really-should-stop-pains in my hands and wrists and this is a completely new pain for me. I think it's the needles that are killing me. I only use metal needles for previously stated stick up my butt complex. (I do not need wooden, bamboo, resin or any other kind of material which helps me grab and hold onto the yarn. I do that too well on my own thankyouverymuch.) I think that everyone would agree that metal needles are the most heavy of all the needles. In fact, I think that Grumperina has scientifically proven it on several needles. Even though I have a preference for metal needles, much like many of you out there I enjoy lighter needles, which I feel will enable me to knit longer. Enter the circular needle.

I heart my circular needles for every reason you can think of, but mainly for the reasons listed below:
1. They are metal and yet they are still light.
2. They are flexible enough that I can bend my current project into any shape I require to see the current progress or just shove them into my purse.
3. Normally, I do not experience any pain while knitting with them.
4. I won't injure myself or any needles by stepping, sitting or laying on them.
5. Last year I bought my first pair of Addi turbos and fell in love.

I would much rather knit with a circular needle that any other type of needle, but I haven't also been able to get rid of my straight needles, because "what if I needed a back up?" Well, my backups are killing me and don't make very good blogging fodder. I might also take the time to point out that these needles are heirloom needles passed down from my mother and both grandmother's. So it's hard to keep them in the house for 'backup purposes' and not feel overwhelmingly endeared towards them, even though right now I hate the little bastards for causing me pain.

So I pose this question; What would you do in my situation? Would you throw all the straight needles in the trash along with the snazzy case you made them? Would you put yourself into debt replacing them with your beloved Addi's? Or are you more like myself and can't stand to part with them, but simply let them lay there tempting you to use them even though they cause you pain?

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