August 20, 2007

a little procrastination goes a long way

I did get some knitting done this weekend, just not on any of the projects that I currently have on the needles. I needed some satisfaction that none of my current projects where handing out. (That sock that only needs another 4 inches and the PAIR will be complete? Ignore that sock. It has SSS and it's spreading.) So, I cast on for a new, quick project that could be finished in a day.

Enter the Baby Hat!
(with fleece topper.) I had another version of this at that I was working on, but haven't been able to get my hands on another skein of the discontinued color to finish it. So this time I made sure I had enough yardage to finish it. The Yarn Pirate would be proud of how many color changes La's yarn produced to make a gorgeous little hat.

Maya agrees, but wishes that her owner would stop taking stupid pictures of her knitting using her pets as props.

(If cats had lazer eye beams, I'd prolly end up like this guy.**)

I would like to mention that while I did substitute the yarn for one of a significantly smaller gauge I made sure to increase-almost double-the number of stitches cast on. The final result was a hat of the exact same circumference as the given pattern, which was around 10.5 inches total for a newborn. My astute readers will notice that this baby hat fits a cat of slightly larger proportions, and that was a quarter in the first picture for size. So, those of you have actually been within a few feet of a baby can you tell me if this is normal newborn head size? It just seems kinda extra small to me. Of course it expands quite larger, but no baby would be comfy in a winter hat stretched around their head like a spandex swim cap, or very warm either. Let me know if it's too small or let me know if you have a preemie and are in need of a hat.

** Turn your speaks way down if you are at work.

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La said...

Oh my! That yarn knit up wonderfully! I'm always amazed when my totally non-scientific, slap-dash approach in introducing color to yarn yields such nice results and that people acutally like it.

And that hat is TOO cute, especially on the Reluctant Model.