April 13, 2007

I want your yarn!

I tried to use the rest of my Berroco Foliage skein* from PoPo's jacket to make a hat out of my Itty-Bitty Hats book. I wanted to make a simple roll-brim hat with a fleece pompom in dark purple. I thought that the bright colors and contrasting topper would be lively and fun.

This is a sample photo from Susan Anderson's book.
Copyrighted by Liz Banfield.

And so far it totally is, except for one thing--I have run out of yarn. I only need eight more rows at 50 stitches and a million decreases a row. Doh!

I really don't want to buy another whole skein for only eight rows. So, I am hoping that my internet friends will come to the rescue. If one of you knitters had an extra skein or less (preferably-oddly enough) of this yarn that you would be willing to part from, I'd love to take it off your hands. I could care less about the dye lot as this yarn has plenty random colors already. Email me to work out a deal. Let me help you get rid of old stash to make room for new stash!

PoPo agrees that this colorful hat needs to get finished up. Otherwise, the perfect squeaky toy for squeaky loving dogs everywhere will be all alone in it's effort to brighten up the house.

PoPo says: "Put down the camera and throw the squeaky toy again already."

*in Chinese Lantern, which is shown on the skein, but not on the shade card for some reason.

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