June 25, 2007


Saturday, we ate lunch with a married couple we don't get to see often. One of M's college buddies got married right after graduation and moved away to another state. His wife (the most awesome gal you'll ever meet) is expecting. So, I was able to give away some more handknits. The blue herringbone booties have a new home, which the recipient was totally thrilled with, and I quote " I wish I could knit these." *Knitting orgasm* I was overjoyed down to a tingling in my toes. (Since she's not a knitter, she didn't even notice the way the edge curls up like it's not supposed to-and I wasn't about to point it out.)

Sunday, I also got through the gusset on Hedera...and the instep...and the toe. This sock knit up so fast that I didn't even have time for SSS.

Cookie A. thanks again for another great pattern. My only mod was that I changed the ribbed cuff for a picot edge, because it reminded me more of leaves for my little ivy columns. As sweet as it looks, it gives the sock a little less 'stay up' power. No biggy, however, I just wear handknit socks around the house anyway.

Also Sunday, to my shock, I discovered this guy hiding under a cuke leaf. You know what they say about cucumber plants with big leaves?

They have HUGE cukes.

Guess what I'm gonna do with him? It may have a lot to do with some of the reading I've checked out of the library, such as Root cellaring, Stocking up, Preserving summer's bounty , Putting food by, Carrots love tomatoes and Roses love garlic. That way I can continue my One Local Summer (OLS) challenge throughout the winter.

Admittedly, I'm having a harder time getting local supplies than I had planned, due to my own lack of availability. The farms are typically open M-F 9:00 -5:00 while I'm at work, and on Saturday afternoons when all I feel like doing is being lazy. However, I was able to find some local honey at the supermarket. (Who calls the grocery store that any more?)

My first meal maybe a little more scant than others, but the whole goal of this to slowly integrate it into my life. I'm really okay taking baby steps. First cukes and honey, next maybe a Saturday trip to a farm. Jen, you really need to hook me up with some meat. I'll drive.

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