June 26, 2007

No time for knitting today

I had a busy day of doctor appointments and patients to take care of today, which oddly enough all had issues with the same areas. None of which were pleasant. Let's just say that I hope it isn't catching....

So no knitting was done today, but many a blogs were read in the tiny, small, minuscule increments between whines and work. (Yeah, I did that today too, just to get away from the whines.) As, I see it the most rampant theme of the week, knitting wise not the cranky-bitchy-say-what-you-can-say-what-want-on-your-own-blog-undying-argument-wise, is matching sock stripes. I can honestly say that I don't understand this issue.

Why is it some important for stripes to match? I might be able to see how it would bother some if they used a self patterning sock yarn, like seen here, but striping? No. It's hand knit, and the rest of us knitters know that the reason you're using stripy colorful yarn was fun to watch the emergence of the sock. We are not knitting socks so it appears as a machine whipped them out in no time. Why the need for commerical standardized perfection? Plus, the most time it spends on your foot is either in a shoe or in your house. It's not like people are gonna see them anyway.

So tell me my fellow knitters, "Why must stripes match?"


Mouse said...

I'm rather neurotic about my socks matching each other to tell you the truth... I sort of dread knitting with some of the Lornas Laces that I have because I know that each skein is hand dyed and will knit up differently. I'm trying to embrace the fraternal twin sock idea.. really. Just as soon as I'm done making my sons Rainforest Snake socks match up.. ;)

jenifleur said...

They needn't. Here's the thing. I've recently come out of the closet. As a knitter, I do not suffer the burden of perfectionism and if anyone was paying attention all these years, they'd have seen it coming. Matching stripes are for people with no imagination. Dull, shriveled up husks of humans who find no enthusiasm for anything surprising. Life is far too short. We should start a club.