May 15, 2007

Sunshine + knitting = no.

Well Mother’s Day has come and gone. I had a blast with my mother who came up for the weekend. We did a little of this:

New bed (on left): Three new guinea impatiens, one host, my calla lily and the azalea I completely ignored.

A little of that:

A little more of this:

Red Ruffle Azaleas in a figure eight shaped bed. No, it is not a b00bie shaped bed, like my husband likes to call it.

and, ummmm, a little more of this:

A determinate tomato plant for canning this summer and two cucumbers (or cukes) for variety.

My backup cukes for when I kill the first two; Notice that I said when, not if. Also, you can now stop wondering why they call it GA red clay. It's clay not dirt, and it's red. Very red.

We may have a one track mind, but what can I say when the weather gets this pretty, you can’t help but put down the needles and follow the call of Mother Nature. I can’t even begin to tell you how putting plants in the ground helps you stop thinking of you house as good enough living arrangements for now and start making you think of you house as the place you want to be always. It’s a nice feeling to have something green and growing under your care. Especially, if you are cursed with a Brown Thumb of Doom, which I am. I am under strict tutelage from my mother as to when plants need water and how much. She calls to tell me when to water them. It’s pathetic.

Though, comparably my tried and true method of ignorance has worked again. I let the Calla Lily sit outside and wither away into nothingness as I diligently tended to my previous plantings, only to find it has four-count them-four new shoots!

But this is a knitting blog—

Mom tried on her sock for size and it fits perfectly! I got so encouraged by the fit that I immediately started knitting on the other half of the pair. I didn’t finish it by the time she left; Let’s not go crazy, but I definitely feel that there will be a pair for presenting this weekend, when she comes back up for the Hubby’s Birthday cookout. This will work out rather well as M will be presenting his mother with a gift that day as well. (He refused to take the time to buy a card, wrap up the gift-that I picked out-and mail it to his mother in time for Mother’s Day. I won’t even speak into the maddening frustration which resulted from his asking why I didn’t do those things for his mother.) But HURRAY a matched pair of socks for Mom!

Yarn P@rn alert:

I found a website that had the exact color of yarn to finish off this hat. I ordered it last month (April 19th to be exact) and it has still not arrived. I emailed the company last week to see what my order status was and I called today and left a message pondering why I had not received any yarn yet. I would really like to sock it to them for crapping out on me like this, but it’s the only site I’ve found who has the yarn. Ahhh, sock it! hehehehe! Knitting humor kills me.

So I consoled myself by ordering enough knitpicks yarn to make this hat. I am going to be substituting Shine Sport for Rowan’s Handknit dk cotton. Alison seems to really like it. Also, it’s a lot easier to on my wallet at $14.94 including shipping verses the $29.75 not including taxes or shipping (average price 5.95/skein). I can’t justified spending $30 dollars on a baby hat that’s not intended to be anything, but fun to knit.

So hopefully, I will have more projects to show you soon!

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Mouse said...

I realized the whole "Georgia Red Clay" thing when I first moved down here and tried to plant some flowers in the yard of our rental house. I nearly killed myself trying to put a dozen tiny marigolds into the ground.. how anyone grows ANYTHING here is beyond me.. even after living in Georgia for a collective 5 years.