May 21, 2007

*This post brought to you by the word Unfortunately

I haven't been a real dedicated blogger recently, have I? Fortunately for you all, I am full of wonderful excuses. Unfortunately*, I have no photographic proof to back it up. You'll just have to trust me.

Last week the Hubby turned a year older and as our custom, we threw him a cookout on Saturday. The hubby makes his own birthday cake from his mother's recipe, involving Crisco and margarine; Two things, despite my southern heritage, I will not touch. I am a butter purest. He also wields the grilling spatula. Ergo, burgers and dessert were not in my arena leaving me with side dishes. However, our parents, who are also true southerns, could not arrive without food in hand and I stopped trying to persuade them otherwise this year. Need I inform you that Southerns cannot arrive at a guest's house without food in tow? It's simply not done. Funeral? Bring comfort food. Wedding? Bring celebration food. Easter? Bring holiday food-deviled eggs YUM! Baby shower? Bring new parents food. Getting you driver's license? Bring snack food. Understand? I think so. Moving on.

So, I managed to get out of all the cooking and instead wound up with all the cleaning. Doh! All that good food means a ton of dishes. Three days later, I'm still running loads of dishes from all our guests. Shhh! Don't tell my husband, but I really like to vacuum. It gives my some perverse pleasure to zoom around the room sucking up all those nasty bits of dirt and leaving a trail of cleanliness with almost no elbow grease. Of course, I don't vacuum every week or even every other week, but don't worry I will have vacuumed minutes before you arrived. The sheets on the guest bed are probably still warm from the dryer as well.

Then yesterday I took PoPo for her daily evening walk and noticed she was trying to pee a lot. Unfortunately, we are very aware of the signs of a urinary tract infection. This time she was so miserable, it could not wait until morning. So we had an emergency Vet visit and discovered that even though she will be turning 5 in November, she has a physical disorder scientifically referred to juvenile vaginitis. Which in layman's terms means her Girlie Doggie Bits are malformed in such a way that it traps bacteria and causes her lots of infections. Thankfully, she got meds and supplements rapidly, so she is on the mend now. These are all short term "fixes" because the condition is recurring (see familiarity with UTI), poor thing. There is a long term treatment option of surgery, which is not only out of our budget, but doesn't necessarily work in every case.

During all the excitement, I did manage to get some knitting in. Mom's-better-late-than-never-Mother's-Day-Socks are finished up and fit her perfectly. I am sad to see them go. Do you think she'll notice if never give them to her?

Next up on my list of WIPs to complete is the-no-matter-how-long-it-sits-it-never-seems-to-end-Weasley-Sweater, which is more than likely unending, because I haven't worked on it since the last time I posted about it. I have 51 days to finish this project. Considering it took me over a month to finish Mom's socks, do you think that I should worry? Or just invest in some really long movies? Perhaps a HP movie marathon for inspiration is in order. It's times like this I wish I had a couple thousand dollars lying around for a knitting machine. Or an extra set arms.

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