May 24, 2007

Q: Why is your forehead red?

A: Because I just realized today that someone, not I of course, accidentally inverted some of the numbers in my zip code when I called to check on my yarn order status two weeks ago. *Smack forehead with palm of hand* Right now my yarn is in West Virginia. I live in Georgia. Just so you understand the dire straights I'm in let me diagram that for you.

Now I have to wait for the US Postal Service to realize that my street is nowhere to be found in West Virginia (though my brother is) and ship the yarn 368.31 miles back to Knitpicks in Ohio, so they can ship it out to my actual home address 508.64 miles away.

For those who counting my yarn will have traveled a total of 1841.30 miles all because I didn't notice the person on the phone at Knitpicks transposed two numbers in my zip code when repeating it back to me. There's absolutely no way that I typed the zip code wrong. I refuse to let the blame sit with me. Alright, so maybe it's my fault. *smack* But just so you know I'm going with the error in recitation theory.

In spite of my lack of fiberage, there is good news on the yarn hoarding front. I sent a picture of Mom's finished socks back to WhiteWillow and she liked them so much she offered me discount on my next yarn purchase if she could use the pic on etsy. (Let me bathe in my glory for a moment; Not only did she like my socks enough to publish a picture of them on her STORE website, but I will be receiving yarn ON SALE for it!) If you need to stock up on yarn and like to support independent yarn enablers, I highly recommend Brooke. She has been very communicative through this whole process, sometimes replying within minutes of sending an email. Her yarn was yummilious to work with, and best of all--look how much I have left after knitting two socks!

There's practically enough left for a whole 'nother sock! (Center is hollow. Quarter and pattern for scale). I'm really tempted on making a pair of anklets for me, as I hafta give the finished socks away to Mom. But not right now. Right now I have to decide which yarn to buy next. I had been eyeing this lime green yarn for hedera socks, but I'm thinking that La's yarn will do well in a lace sock rather than a "solid" sock as I've mentioned before....

So many BEAU-tiful choices! There's blues, and greens and purples oh my! Don't forget the fiery oranges and reds too! How will I choose one? HELP!

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Jen said...

The Hubby casts his vote for green.