May 4, 2007

How many WIPS can a WIP-knitter knit?

As if I didn't have enough uncompleted items laying around the house...I was thinking of starting up starting up another pair of socks in yet another CookieA pattern. (What can I say? I adore her style, well maybe not the green hair, but everything else is smashing.) And I still have a good chunk of the 500+ yds of Wineaux sent to me by La and I am determined to use it for socks. Even after the disaster that was Monkey. After all it knitted into a beautiful lace scarf.

The scarf (now belonging to my mother) helped me come to some conclusions about what characteristics would hopefully stop lightening from striking twice, i.e. horrible flashing on a sock. First, and most importantly I think, the sock pattern would need to be rather open, so the color could travel further before changing. Second, the more open the pattern the less yarn it would require, remember I would like a pair of socks and I have already ~200 yards of this skein . Third, it would really help if they pattern was demonstrated in a highly variegated yarn, so that I wouldn't have to think too much, because I'm really just pulling most of these "conclusions" out of my butt.

Also, I love Cookie A.'s patterns, as I have already state, and would like to knit one again. That being said I found her Titania pattern on Blue Moon's website and think it might just work. What do y'all think?

p.s. the camera is still broke, so you're getting reused pictures and photos saved from other websites.

p.p.s. I counted and there are 7 WIPs laying around the house (one of which that needs to get ripped way back and restarted), plus one project which has been "set aside" for over a year...and a half.

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