April 11, 2007


As you know, two weekends ago my mom came down to help me plant a flower bed. After we finished that night, we changed into our jammies and settled in to watch movies. That's when she saw me wearing my pomatomus socks around the house. Being a knitter herself, she immediately asked if I had knit them. In response I took them off and told her she could wear them for the rest of the weekend to see if she liked them. For all you non-knitters who happen to stumble upon this blog-that is the equivalent of "Yes, I knit them. Aren't they magnificent? Just try to contain yourself as I let you touch them."

The instant they touch her feet she was in love. She loved the Elizabeth's gradual dye job by and thought the pattern was wonderful. And if I do say so myself, the yarn and the pattern was a perfect match. Could you knit me a pair? was her only question. Fortunately, it's a phrase that is like paradise to a knitter's ears.

So, I ran to the computer and went yarn shopping that very minute. I ordered yarn from etsy seller WhiteWillow in most of Mom's favorite colors: sock yarn Snapdragon in pink and purple. (Mom's other favorite color is also from the early 90's -teal.)

WhiteWillow was so very accommodating and communicative, I highly recommend her. I ordered a specific dye job on Thursday. Sunday she had the post up on Etsy, with a note telling me she would mail it Tuesday, rather than Monday because her son had an appointment at the hospital. (I hope she doesn't mind me telling everyone that.)

I'm so happy with her so far I am contemplating a special request for this yarn to make some Hedera socks for myself.

Because every knitter needs a pair of neon green socks, right Franklin?

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Emma said...

Love that neon green!