March 19, 2007


This weekend as the Hubby and I waited on a phone call to see when his father would be coming home from the hospital, I had plenty of waiting time. (It's nothing serious, just some repercussions from falling out of a tree a while ago. It's a story for another time.) Knitting a row here and there between laundry, eating lunch, making phone calls, and browsing the web for more yarn-no yarn purchased. Let me tell you a foot knits up pretty fast if every time you sit down you knit 4 rows. Especially, since the call didn't come until Sunday afternoon I was sitting a lot. (His dad is fine and back at home.)

Why do you only see evidence of one sock in the above picture? Is it the first sock parading as the second sock? No, I swear it really is the second sock, because the first was here:

In the sink. I was so excited about my first pair of socks that the first sock might have gotten worn a few time on it's own with a non-matching mate around the house. Don't worry I have progressed so far as to wander around in public with my non-matching knitwear muttering for everyone to hear that 'this is just one of a glorious pair of socks...' Back to the sock in the sink getting washed. Once again, I cranked on the iceberg melt off water with just a touch of not-so-freezing water to wash this puppy out. GOOD NEWS!!!! It doesn't stink! It did bleed a little, but it didn't STINK! *happy dance*

In celebration, I began right away a new pair of Monkey socks with 'Wineaux' of La's Laboratory Yarn.

Hmmmmm... Do you see what I see? I may have been mistaken about the long repeats in color. I think that it's pretty obvious to all of us that this pattern and yarn are not meant to be together. It's already been frogged. So sad. She did send a ton of yarn around 510 yards. It's also a very fine weight. The label reads: 8-10 spi on size 0-1 needles. Which makes me wonder if it would be better suited for lace work? I still have that New Years resolution to complete and I did purchase Victorian Lace Today with Christmas monies (also on the resolution list). I adore this one:

Picture curteousy of Grumperina *saved to my own bandwidth.

It requires a heavier weight yarn than 'Wineaux.' Yes, I could probably knit it with my lighter weight yarn and smaller needles resulting in a smaller scarf. The size change would more than likely not bother me in the slightest. However, I foresee irritation and cursing as I try to figure out lace for the first time with this pattern as I have never knitted lace before. It might be intelligent to start with a simpler pattern (this one is listed as medium difficulty). What do you all think?

Teaser: Tomorrow I will have INTERESTING pictorial progress on the Weasley sweater.


flwrhead said...

Oh no! I hope it didn't bleed too much! Red is really bad about that, it's hard to exhaust all the dye and sometimes you rinse and rinse and not all of it comes out!

Jen said...

Bleeding I can live with. I believe that if one knits she is prepared for any color leakages when she wets the yarn. Stink I can not live with. Really, that alpaca yarn could have pealed paint off the walls!