March 20, 2007

Resolution #2

I have found a pattern for 'wineaux.' It's my first go at a lace pattern. It's a relatively simple pattern found on page 80 of Victorian Lace Today recommended for beginners.

Well it says it's for beginners, but what they mean is someone who can grasp charts and not confuse themselves with over thinking. Guess who over thought the chart? Guess who had to email that great Grumperina for help reading a chart even though she's made it through a Adrienne Vittadini chart/pattern, which is quite possibly the world's hardest to read patterns? Me.

I was fortunately enough to receive a reply from Grumperina the next day however! Do you all know how exciting that is? I feel like we could be BFF. Just kidding. (Everyone knows you can't be BFF unless you pass the sleepover test. So maybe we'll just have to be internet BFF.) I wrote possible the most long winded help question in the history of help emails, which she suffered through long enough to write me back and not call me a retard. That alone is enough to be happy about, but she was actually able to clarify for me the background stitch which I was in denial about being garter stitch and give me a hint that the even numbered rows are typically WS rows. You think that I would at least figure out the latter, as it's relatively logical. Except I'm the one reading the chart and the Lord knows I could never do anything logical. Just ask my husband. Once again the knitblogging community astounds me with it's generosity. I'm really proud to be part of it.

With my new knowledge in hand I am beginning my first lace project. I'm liking it so far, though, I am having to alter it a little as my gauge is off, but when is that news? I can already tell you what my second one will be. So I guess that means the lace bug has bitten me.

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