March 8, 2007

Alpaca Stink

My Cathode was in need of washing. I gathered the necessary materials: a sense of adventure, cool water in the tub, lots of towels to help speed drying along, and Wool-lite (I know that it wasn't recommended, but it's what I had available.)

The yarns I used to knit Cathode were from Knitpicks, which I support based on their price alone, Quarry and Ambrosia. They were both wonderful in the hand and I enjoyed using them. Quarry's label says that it is 75% Superfine Alpaca, 20% Peruvian Wool, 5% Nylon. While Ambrosia's label says it's 80% Baby Alpaca, 20% Cashmere. Big red flashers went off in my mind. Will Felt! Now, I have no experience felting anything, thankfully, but that much natural fiber in one place sent chills down my spine.

Diving right in , I filled the sink with pretty much cold water. I added my Wool-lite , just after realizing that the water in the sink was not filling up, and yet somehow, it was turning the lovely brownish-green color. I grabbed the nearest bucket and carefully picked up the wet rat of a sweater. I many have begun sweating at this point, and the concept of taking a picture of this diaster in progress was too gruesome. Transporting the sweater to the nearby tub, I proceeded to wonder what was that horrid smell? Where was is coming from? Surely, not my beloved Cathode!

Argh! My sweeties! It the sweater! I noted as I rinsed my sweater out three more times in order to rid myself of the brackish swamp water in my tub. By this point, soap as gone the way of the DoDo bird, I just wanted to get semi-clear water flowing out from my sweater and be away from da funky stink.
I squished as much water out as possible and placed in, while still in the tub, between two towels and rolled it up and squished some more. (Similar to Kathy's method seen here). I replaced the towels and squished away some more. I replaced the towels a third time and still squished away. Yes squish, as in water is still coming out. I think it has to do with the boucle yarn....Then I transported the whole business on a towel to the dryer in the backroom, aka the 'sun' room because it has a ton of windows, but their not real sun room windows, in hopes that it would only stink back there. (I was right! YAY!) It took four days to dry and only has the slightest stink. Kookaburra anyone?

Hopefully, Da Funky Stink will not permeate me or those around me the next time I wear it. The Husband suggest Fabreeze, which I have been known to spray on the dog in a pinch (which involves my dad visiting-He has the nose that knows all-but that's another story). Somehow, I can stand the thought of spraying that on my precious hand knit. Perhaps I can just flash them Da Feets of Cuteness from my home and they'll forget about my funky smell.

After reviewing all the feet on Jenla, I got sad I didn't enter because I was lazy and was unimpressed. Of course, I think my animals have the best feet. You really can't beat Maya's Jelly Bean toes. Click to enlarge.

Tomorrow, Nigel's pointy toes! Yes friends, Cats with pointy toes. It's too cute!

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