January 1, 2007


Everyone seems to be posting their New Year's Resolutions and by far the most popular in the knitting blogland world is Knit from your Stash 2007. A truly valiant idea. It's cheap, because you've already bought the yarn. It frees up room in you house-for some whole closets and other's whole rooms, but we won't go there. And it gives you a chance to use up all those yummilious yarns you've been saving.

Here's the problem. I have a very small stash and only single balls left from an odd purchase or finished project, ergo I have no stash. It's hard to believe, I know, that as a knitter I lack stash. So, I will not be participating in the de-stash along. Instead, I will be acquiring stash* as my New Year's Resolution. And as such, I will need a few guidelines:

1. No more acrylic yarn, no matter if it's a project for the dog or not. I hate knitting with it. It feels Yucky.

2. I will shop for more yarn at an LYS I would like to support. I will not go back to the Damn Yarn Shop, even if it does carry name brand yarn. Yarn Circle has sheep from which they sell roving. How can I not want to support a shop that owns sheep?! (Side note: the Hubby promised me we would go tomorrow-the first day they are open after Christmas- and let me spend some Christmas monies.)

3. I will buy yarn for a pattern and then proceed to knit the pattern. No more of this Pattern Hoarding; Unless, of course, I buy the pattern AT THE SAME TIME as the yarn

3 a. I will buy the stinking $100.00 of Ribbon Twist for the Erin sweater I have wanted to knit for the past year.

3 b. I will also buy the cutest kit in the world from Kpixie.com that I have also been gushing over for the past year.

4. Needles count as stashing.

5. I will knit at least one thing from each of my new pattern books, which leads us to number six.

6. I will try socks and lace this year, which revisits number two and makes my resolutions a lot easier to carry out.

*This has nothing to do with the fact that the Hubby decided to attend TWO beer festivals and re-outfit his whole computer with new parts, therefore effectively increasing his hobby budget, which indirectly increases mine.

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