October 9, 2006

Converts and more yarn

I promised my protégé I would post the lovely progress she got done on Saturday and Sunday. She has progressed nicely if I may say so myself. Like any newbie, we started her on cheap, fat yarn and big, fat needles to make a lovely scarf. We also added some turtle buttons to the end to spice up the garter stitch. We also made a trial tassel for informative purposes. Would you like to see? I know all you old hats love to see the beginnings of a new addict. Don't lie to yourself, it's just as much a rush to introduce someone into the world of knitting as it is weaving in the final end on a finished project.

What you want a close-up of those stitches? I got your close-ups.

I'm very proud of all the hard work and effort she put in. I believe she's a full convert as she already wants to move onto the next project prior to finishing this one. She asked about socks, but I thought those might be a little complicated (tubular with short rows and all.) She's not to interested in dish clothes (much to my amazement). So I thought that one step up from a rectangular scarf would be a square baby blanket. I was thinking a Log Cabin blanky would be nice for a newbie. It's small, completely made with garter stitch AND you get to use multiple colors. Though there is the down side that I have never knitted a log cabin blanky, so I don't know the actual process. What do you all think? Is it a good next step? I'll also take other suggestions for good beginner projects.

And More Yarn:
Well, I ended up being the tie breaker on my yarn purchase, as I could wait no longer. I ended up taking Emily's advice and using the grass color for the edging on Cathode (scroll down). I'm weak. I had to order right away.

Domesticat also mentioned on her site that Little Knits is having a great sale. I've never been to their site, but they have some Debbie Bliss on sale. Unfortunately, I have met my yarn budget for the month and I don't like to purchase yarn unless I have a project in mind. (Yeah, right....) So I am grudgingly letting everyone know about the sale. (Please don't buy out all the yarn I want.) I'm told they have good sock yarn....

The progress on PoPo's Dogosaurus Halloween costume. (You'd be wrong if you thought that she won't wear it on Halloween.)

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