September 29, 2006

Cute and Fuzzy

In a clever ploy to distract you from the complete and total lack of knitting in this knitting blog I present you with pictures! Pictures of cute and fuzzy animals with commentary no less.

Nigel is a full contact kitty. He lurves to cuddle. Here he is reaching out for some loving from the photographer. But I want to touch you!

In the five years that I have owned both my kitties this is the closest I have ever seen them. Some people's animals curl up together all lovingly. I just wish that someday Maya's restraining order is reduced to less than three feet so that I can stop yelling at Nigel to leave her alone.

Maya doesn't get real playful. She loves to play, but Nigel is an attention whore, so if we actually want Maya to get some playtime, we have to shut Nigel up in a room somewhere with PoPo. That's when you can actually see Maya physically perk up and become happy. Other why she obcessively grooms herself. She's bald in patches around her neck, because Nigel stresses her out so much. He takes after his father that way. (No, I did not really just write that.)

So are you distracted yet? Did you completely forget that this is supposted to be a knitting blog and not a strange animal behavior blog? No? Oh well, I can at least pretend to have knitting content. How does one pretend to have knitting content you ask. Here I'll show you...

I plan on knitting this

and I think I've got some knitpicks yarn that will keep the whole project under $25.00! I'm going to use Quarry in Ubatuba for the body and Ambrosia for the solid ribbing in either Horizon ,


or possibly Grass.

What do you think? I'll take a poll. You decide what color to edge the bodice of with and I'll post the results. The Hubby votes for Horizon.

So there, not only did I show some knitting "progress," I also gave you yarn porn and cute fuzzy animals. Your day is complete.


Leslie said...

I'm going to have to go with M on this one. I definitely like the Horizon. Have fun and I'll see you this weekend. :)

Emily said...

I think I like grass. Here is my reasoning: in the picture the body and the trim are the same value--neither one is significantly lighter or darker than the other. It looks like the grass matches the ubatuba color in value. If you put one of the lighter colors the ribbing will really stand out a lot more than it does in the original. (But maybe that is what you are going for?!) The blue is really pretty, though.

La said...

I likes me some grass