October 10, 2006

The most evil yarn shop ever

About a two weeks ago, I told you all of my horrible yarn shop experience. Well, the story ended with me receiving a store credit. So I racked my brain trying to think of a small project that would allow me to only purchase enough yarn that would amount to my credit. I didn't want to spend a penny more in that store than was totally necessary.

Invariably, the mind thinks of small knitted objects, purses, hats, wristwarmers, etc. And me being the hoarder that I am, has a three ring binder full of free patterns I've printed up. I was flipping through said binder when I landed upon a Baby Tart. Baby Tart was hilarious. It also only required two skeins of yarn. And once again I was set upon making baby items for a non-existent child. (I've knitted several blankets, jackets, and even Katja from Knitty.)

Arrive at store. Quickly browse selection until I find the perfect shade of plum wine and light brown. Completely ignore gauge and type of fiber, because really it doesn't even have to fit or be washable. (Remember this is a non-existent child's hat.) I just want to be in and out of the store quickly. Get the stuff and go, which is not at all how yarn shopping should be. Snatch the yarn off the shelf and stand at the register for checkout. Shopkeeper, aka the Snobby Yarn Witch, wanders over from her knitting to ring me up and graciously offers to wind my Casade Yarn with the fun yarn tools she has on hand. I accept having never seen a ball winder and swift in action. As a side note: Y'all ball winders and swifts totally rock. I want them.

She bags up my yarns nicely and totals the bill not forgetting to subtract my credit. I was only a $1.01 off from my credit. I'm thinking happy thoughts in my brain. Something along the lines of Take that stupid woman! HeeHee HeeHee Heee! I barely spent more than I had to. I whipped out my credit card to pay joking that it's barely worth my time to swipe it. But y'all know, and don't even try to say you haven't, it was almost not a joke because I've never had any fun in her store and I really didn't want to pay for anything from there anyway.

And she replies, It'll practically cost me just that much to run it. Don't worry about it. You can pay me next time you're in. OH! KNOCK OUT! This round goes to the Shopkeeper!

I'm completely floored. I tried to back pedal and say that I just really didn't feel comfortable having a tab and that I would much rather pay for it, but unfortunately I don't have any cash. All of which is true, but nicer than saying that I never want to come into her shop ever again. So the kicker? Now, I either have to buy MORE somethings IN CASH from her shop or never pay her the dollar and change. The second option is want I really want to do, but my mother raised me to be honest and I couldn't not pay her in good conscience. There is a third option; that I just walk in a pay the balance, but I feel that would be just too rude. So basically, I'm stuck buying things I really do want from a store I really don't want to support.


mary said...

Oh your honesty will be your undoing and cost you more money! But honesty is a positive characteristic, not a negative, and I have to say I admire you for it. How about if you drop the $1 in an envelope and mail it to her with a quick note that you probably won't be in for a while (or ever again) and here's the dollar you owe? Of course, I would easily justify it as she owes you that dollar for not being upfront with you about the return policy. It's a business cost to her and one dollar is a tiny drop in the bucket for her. If you're looking for addi's online, check out Jeff Wonderland's shop on eBay or cheaper yet, the new KnitPicks options. Just get the tip size and cable you need if you want to try it before committing to the size.

Jen said...

What can I say, your a genius! I believe that I will take your suggestion and mail a nice little note with the money. It's nonconfrontational and I still get to do the "right thing." Brilliant. Thanks so much.

jenifleur said...

A buck? On Cascade? I believe Cascade has a keystone pricing policy which means the yarn is probably overpriced anyway. I admire your honesty, but just think if she'd been polite and friendly she would be getting all your business. That dollar is a drop in the bucket compared to what it cost her to lose your patronage, and I just wouldn't ever worry about it.