October 5, 2006

The Vote is Tied!

It's down to the wire: Horizon vs. Grass. The vote is two against two. I only need one more person to to be the tie breaker (other than myself of course.) Personally, I lean towards the Horizon color, but after reading Emily's theory I'm having second thoughts. She after all was a professional. HECK! She still is a professional! (Have y'all seen the sock page she just wrote? If I was capable of knitting socks, I would be all over her stuff. Y'all this is the level of dish cloth accummulation I hope to achieve.)

Good news, I am starting my weekend early tomorrow with a trip to the ATL for and ENT appointment. For those of you who don't have children, the ENT is an ear doctor. She's wonderful and I will never ever leave her even if I have to travel multiple states to get to her. (Thankfully, I do not have to right now.) Just wish I could find an gynocologist that I felt the same way about, but that's nether here nor there.

This weekend I am having a friend over where I will enable her knitting skills and make cheesecake. mmmmm....cheesecake.....Anyway, I plan on getting 90 % of the dog's costume finished, plus a good start on Baby Tart. Baby Tart has a wonder story to go with it involving the evilest yarn store ever... Unfortunately, I am at work and wish to do the story justice, so it will have to wait until Monday.

Happy Knitting this weekend.


Emily said...

It will be pretty either way!(Yikes, that sounds like something my mom would say-lol) Sorry, that isn't helpful!

Leslie said...

I love the tart. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I so want one. One day, not now!!
So now you are the knitting enabler, huh? I'm thrilled either way. See you later alligator.