September 7, 2006

Absence explained

I apologize for my lack of posting recently. The Phone company and I are battling out directions to my new house. Therefore, it seems I will not have access to the internet until the 12th. I know that's some thrilling news for y'all who actually check back to see if I have updated. I can tell you're about to come out of your chairs with excitement. You want even more exicting news. I have snuck (sneaked?) onto my Boss's computer inorder to inform you of this break through. I could get into trouble at any moment. There, hows that for excitement?

I swear as soon as I have internet up and running at the house I will have a knitting content related post. It will be a really fabulous post. With pictures of knitting and animals. And I promise not to talk about the new house-much. Or the new cabinets we are getting installed Saturday. Or any of the hard work we have up into the house, shed and fenced in areas getting "moved in." I swear.

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