August 18, 2006

My last day at work, i.e. Housewifely Duties part II

hee hee hee, I am so tickled right now. My boss just came to me today and asked me to sew on his button, which fell off his jacket.

"Jennifer, I have a strange request, and I think you're the person who can help me."

"I'm good with strange requests," I say. His right hand begins to fiddle with his coat button, or lack thereof, and in his left hand is a sewing kit.

"The button-"

"I can sew it back on." I interrupt. He was amazed at my ability with needle and thread.

Then he began on this spiel about how much women can do and how much he is in awe of it. "I've been taken care of my women my whole life. They can do anything. Men can't do it at all. Women can multitask..."

All because I sit around at work and knit all day. I'm still tickled. hee hee hee.

P.S. This is the same guy we are buying our house from.

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