December 24, 2005

Inew l;eave

if that gives you any clue to how much alcohol and caffeine i have's supposed to say "a new leaf." hey, i've only had two glasses of wine and on starbucks mocha frappacino. and not from the actual store either. out here in the boondocks, i have to buy it premade at the grocery store...moving on....

i'm taking a leaf out of Laurie's book and am typing a random list with the help of some white Zinfandel on the the weekend hoping that no one will actually read it. (that should sufficiently take care of any copy rights.)

0.) i love the color blue. right now i am wearing blue jeans with a navy blue shirt and a light blue and navy polar fleece pullover. Do i understand this is way too much for one outfit? yes., but i'm OCD and i love blue. my car is blue. it's my fav color-electric blue, which i find to be an oxymoron. it's bright and exciting, while being a "cool color" (versus a warm color, like red, orange or yellow). i believe it personifies me correctly.

0.5) i will always pick right over left, possibly because i am right handed, or possibly because i equate right with north and left with south. don't ask me why, because i don't know know. it's one of my many idiosyncrasies i live with on a daily basis.

1.) i can not resist my PoPo's eyebrows. they do me in everytime, mainly at dinner time. she's just so cute when she begs! and the patiently waiting until you feed her with the occasional "skewching" forward-the cutie pie. i also let my dog lick me in the face. she's a dog, that's what they do; they lick things.

2.) i still wake up at dawn Christmas day. i am 24, but i'm like a little kid Christmas day. i can NOT stand to wait for presents. my husband, the smart man, knows this and hides present from me at work, where i cannnot hunt for them-because i will ruin the surprise for myself. my brother and i used to hunt for presents. we always found my mother's gifts, but dad was smart. he hid his in a locked cabinet in his "office," i.e. the garage. and we knew better than to go hunting for the keys, which were located on my father's belt.

3.) i cannot handle what my mother adeptly called "mushy scenes." i make stupid unromantic comments and jokes. but i really love that my husband still askes me "how he married the most beautiful girl in the world?" I always insult him afterwards, but i just cannot reciprocate the mushy-ness. luckily, i think my husband understands this. i have a hard time not uncontrollably giggling during romantic moments too.

4.) i like to cry into my kitties. their soft and cuddly and they understand unconditional love. animals seem to know when you need snuggling; plus, kitties are much softer to cuddle than dogs.

5.) somethings i know take a lot longer to learn and understand, like the fact that dirty hair styles better than clean hair. i cannot get this through my head. i know the mornings i style my hair which has been washed the night before, styles ten times better than the when i wash it the same morning. i know it, but i have not learned it yet. same for keeping secrets. i know that you are supposed to keep them, but my mouth cannot say shut. which brings me to...

6.) i cannot keep a secret. i am a talker, i talk about everything. i fight the urges to speak everything that comes to mind, but i simply cannot control my mouth, this has cost me friends and relationships, but i CANNOT do it. i've tried. i'm getting better, but it's slow progress. thankfully, my friends and relatives understand this fact about me, and just don't tell me things. i live in ignorant bliss and i like it.

that being said and the alcohol making me a little light headed. i will stop there. more later if you are still interested later.

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