June 9, 2006


Don't tell the husband, but I had to purchase 5 skiens of Rowan Linen Drape in Splash for Celia. He doesn't read the blog anymore, so I'm not worried about him finding out about my yarn addiction.

I took CatDuck's advice and used Linen drape instead of silk, because silk is DAMNED expensive. Plus, I was able to buy the Rowan including shipping for under $25.00 from an ebay seller in the UK. We'll see if it's any good. Last time I bought "discount" yarn and was happy with the service the yarn was all funkitifed, including nobbles on the yarn, skiens tied together, and funny little flecks of dirt all throughout the yarn, which I'm hoping will wash off. I'll report back on the new yarn.

In knitting news;
All have left of Sun Beam is her right side and seaming. I'm hoping to finish that today in the car on the way to the beach.

I admit I'm weak and I cast on for the baby blanket. It has a nice mindless pattern for work where I am constantly interrupted by my job (answering the phone).

Saxon Braid has about 8 more inches (4 repeats) to go and then all I have to do is pickup stitches along it's edges. All 500+ of them. fun.

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