June 9, 2006

Adios! Ciao! See Ya!

Just wanted to (brag) let everyone know that I will be gone to the beach for the next nine days, so I won't be posting anything that I know of. Instead I will leave you a couple pictures of my babies, whom I will miss dearly, and what they will be doing while we're gone.

PoPo will mope because she's a mama's girl.

Nigel will play with the walls, straws, or anything else that is inanimate.

Maya will stare intently at something invisible to the naked eye as if you were not in the room, similar to her behavior when you are home.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers and gets to go out of town at least once! I'll eat some crab and toast (several) drinks to those of you not going on vacation, while I'm at the beach.

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