April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Finishing up my last sweater has left me craving for more sweater knits.  I've been lusting over Strikkefrenzy's Garden Pesto (rav) a Drops pattern.  I picked out colors and bought yarns and well-It all kind of fell apart from there.  Begin the long hard search for a pattern in the right gauge.

Nothing seemed quite right.  Every pattern I found was too "geometrical" or too "Nordic-y"or not the right gauge again.

So get this I was so enamored by this pattern that I swatched just to see if I could rework all the math and get the sweater I adored. Crazy right?

The front.

The back.

The read area is what would actually be the yoke of the sweater and the rest would be grey.  I'm still loving this pattern.  I think I will go overboard and try to regauge an entire Drops Design just to use this yarn.  What y'all think?  I'm crazy right?

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ihknitting said...

have i seen this sweater? Did it really happen?