April 23, 2011

Sock Blanket Saturday

This Saturday's post is a double since I forgot to post last weekend.  After all the rain that has been coming to us a weekend with gorgeous weather meant we were out in it!  There have been pretty days here and there scattered about tempting us, but an entire weekend of nice weather?  *sing it with me now*  WoNdEr~FuL! 

I dug through the stash of washable sock-weight yarns and came up with the leftovers from this (rav) still unused project (but now seamed).  Yea, I'm getting a little low on yarn for squares....

These are so stiff.  I knitted a sport weight yarn on size US 1/1.25mm needles.  The last time I knit with this yarn I used a size US 4/3.5mm.  They are solid.  They have no drape.  You could used these babies to protect a 4"x4.25" square of your body during a nuclear attack and nothing would get through.  

I'm not really worried about it though, because I don't see it affecting the overall blanket.

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