April 12, 2011

Maya returns!

Good news!  The Hubby heard meowing in the kitchen when he returned home from work. 

So he began to call out for Maya.  The weird thing was when he opened the door and called for her outside, he couldn't hear her anymore.  Being the intelligent Man he was he laid down ear to the floor and call for her again. 

This time he heard her plan as day.  She was under the house.  The very place I looked last Friday when she went missing. 

Guess she needed 5 days without food or water and a lighting storm last night to convince her to come back in.

We're glad she's back.
Maya on the clothes pile like she never left.


Lainey said...

I'm so glad she returned!!! That is great!!!

Knits4Bears said...

Yay! She made it home!
Glad she's back and safe where she belongs. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, YAY! Tell her her aunt LB loves her and to never do that again.