July 14, 2007

Almost there....

Friday night was the first time this week I've had to sit down and knit. I only had about 12 more rows to complete on one sleeve and I was finished, but somehow I have been either way too busy or way too tired to muster up the energy to knit.

But once I did get knitting, I also managed to round up some energy for blocking. Please don't study these photos too hard for blocking help. I hate blocking and the way the yarn was spun made my knits go all loppity. Ask Elizabeth, she's a spinner, she'll tell you I'm right. It's definitely the way the yarn was spun, and no way at all related to my ability to knit....

(I love my ghetto blocking board, which works fantastically. It is a huge-at least 2'x3'-cork board that I have had since elementary school. We now use it as a family notice board in the laundry room, but cover it with saran wrap and it's perfect for a blocking board.)

Once it dries all I'll have left to do is seaming and knitting up the neck line. And I do love me some mattress stitch seaming. Anybody have any idea how to mattress stitch a picot edged sleeve? I studied the fuzzy pictures in the book for many long hours while knitting and that sleeve is definitely mattress stitched.

exhibit A:

exhibit B:

Hopefully, the next time you see this baby she'll be all FOed. (oh, that sounds so dirty....)

Maybe I'll reward myself with some nice easy socks after this....

p.s. I took Hedera socks home to Mom to show off and she immediately put them on her feet and procured them for all eternity. Don't ya just love that?

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elizabeth said...

OMG, that's precious! PRECIOUS!

Um, yeah, right, totally the yarn's fault. ;o)

My first blocking board was made from acoustic ceiling tiles, covered in plastic wrap and held together with duct tape. Can't get more ghetto than that, but it worked!