January 23, 2011

Undead Vest FO (finally)

The Undead Vest (formerly know as the Gilmore vest) had it's first day out.  I wore it to work on one of those snowy days Georgia never has.  It was deliciously toasty and I got tons of compliments on it.

I heart the little tiny hand prints on my mirror.

I added two inches to the waist to lengthen it for my extra tall physique.  As I look at this photo I can help but wonder, "Where did my boobs go?"  They are there.  I know they are.

Lil Turbo and I make faces in the mirror and he can't help but pat it.  :)

Besides my fears that the neckline will fall off at any moment there is just is just one problem with my handknit.  The interesting pocket that forms on the back of my armhole/shoulder.  It's the lump that lines up with the lampshade.

Also, I am thinking our house is looking pretty dang clean for corralling a one year old. 

I think is this simply a knitter's notice meaning only another knitter would notice what we might consider a glaring flaw, but is really a non-issue for muggles.  I'm not ripping anything else out on this vest.  I refuse.  Plus, I don't think picking up less stitches for the edge would be very comfortable on my armpits.  And crocheting an edge would just tempt the Knitting Gods. So there it will live.  Thankfully it's on the back and out of sight, out of mind.


Lainey said...

I think you look amazing! I wish I'd looked that good 1 year after having a baby!! Your house looks great, too!

elizabeth said...

I love that vest, and your hair looks great! I like it curled! Now I'm missing my long hair!!!

turtlegirl76 said...

Damn girl. You look awesome! Love the curly hair! And oh, the vest is pretty kick ass too.

Beth said...

I wonder that about my boobs a lot ;) Looks great though!