February 19, 2011

Holes in my Socks

I'm going for a very literal title today.  All of my socks are getting holes.  I blame the washer.  I almost never wash my socks in the washer.  Normally, I use a little SOAK, or eucalan, both excellent cleansers, but some wild blue streak in me thought, "Sure, these are all superwash yarns, I'll just toss them in the front loader on wool for a little extra clean and tumble dry extra low."

That's when my brand spanking, never been washed undulating ribs came out with a whole in the leg.

And my copycat Pondscum Spring Forward socks got a hole in the toe.

Last night I pulled off my Embossed Leaves to find my rough feet have worn a hole in the soles of them too.  Although to be fair to the washing machine, the yarn looks like kn!tpicks.  I don't think it can handle much wear.

So now, I have a pile socks requiring of mending on my headboard.  (Think more a mantel and less of a headboard.)  I haven't quite reached the Yarn Harlot level of disposable hand knits yet.  Ugh.  Anyone want to do this for me?  Or loan me their house elf? 

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