December 12, 2010


The Gilmore Vest is back from the frog pond!  After miscalculations, errors in judgement, and some troublesome directions it landed in time out despite what I might have though in August 2009.  And as I began to knit on it again I wondered why I continue to persevere on a knit that is riddled with woes.

What you see below is a perfectly graphed shoulder seam.  On a arm hole which is too small.  I graphed before seaming the sides because finishing up the front and back of this knit without any hiccups was to too good to be true, and I was right.

Having trouble seeing anything in that picture?  Here, this shouldn't clear anything up.

The front may look a little funny, because I plan on steeking.  I am much more knowledgeable about steeking now.  I took a class and have five, count them, five stitches added to cut into for my neckline.  For some reason, I am staying positive about this knit.  I've already ripped back and corrected this issue. 

Next up, I am seaming the sides and cutting the steek to pickup stitches for the neckline.  Don't worry I plan on videoing that progress!

Today it's snowing and we got the Christmas tree up with little tyke today. Maybe I'll be up for it on tomorrow's snow day? 

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Amy said...

There is such a thing as knitting gods and they love to mess us about. I call my knitting goddess Mira. She mocks me regularly.

But I am pretty excited to see this vest. You know the finished version.