December 14, 2010

Snow day

I love a snow day.  I love staying at home with my family.  I love leaving the Christmas tree light's on all day.  I love preparing a hot meal to warm the house and all it's inhabitants.  I do have one problem with it.  It makes me want to make warm snuggliable blankets.  

Like this one, Ribbon, out of Berroco comfort.  It's 13 skeins of acrylic yarn.  Crocheted.

photo credit: Thayer Allison Gowdy, 2010

photo credit: Thayer Allison Gowdy, 2010
The fact that I don't like crocheting all that much and the acrylic is made by the devil aren't really dissuading me.  Which leads me to believe I've gone loony.  I can tell, because I'm having thoughts about one in wild cherry matching my bedroom while coordinating nicely with my living room.  Additionally, red's festive.

Also, I want 15 more skeins in coordinating colors for Greenway

photo credit: Thayer Allison Gowdy, 2010
photo credit: Thayer Allison Gowdy, 2010

I'm hoping it's because blankets are infectious, rather than crochet or acrylic.  If not, I might end up spouting the benefits of spinning Rover's fur for the environment AND your emotional well being while wearing this:

At which point you have every right to commit me.


turtlegirl76 said...

You know what, I felt the same way about acrylic. Until I worked with Berroco Comfort. That stuff's pretty awesome.

elizabeth said...

Having spent the last few nights seaming, seaming, seaming my MIL's Parcheesi for her xmas this year, let me recommend that any blanket you knit or crochet has minimal finishing! I'm about to pull my hair out! But only two more sections and then I get to knit the icord border! Whoopee!

Amy said...

Should you show up to work in that granny square tied poncho thing, I will personally take you to the asylum.

However, I do suggest the second blanket. I still love the design!