November 20, 2010

Sock Blanket Saturday

I am having a blast knitting up pink squares and dying them whatever color I want, or sometimes whatever color comes out of the kettle.

This square is orange, because it turns out that yellow over dyed on top of pink is not orange, but a rather disgusting peach.  I mean really gross peach.  So I added an unmeasured amount of red to get this much improved hunter dayglo orange.  Which I am super happy about.  Not because I'm in love with hunter dayglo orange.  No.  Really.  Not in love with it.  But I love that I didn't buy an entire skein to incorporate it into my sock blanket.  This makes me want to squee with happiness.  Really.

And just for the record, pink + Primary Color ≠ corresponding Secondary Color.  Just in case you didn't learn anything from the above experiment.  Although, the square below may look purple on your monitor (which is how it looks on mine right now), let me reassure you that it is not.  What is, is most definitely blue.

My last square this week is scarlet.  It didn't dye in one perfect solid color and I am okay with that.  It's pretty.  I really wanted to dye more things scarlett as I saw it brewing, but as I did it Thursday morning while Baby O was getting his morning bottle, I couldn't really justify tearing up the house just to find things that needed to be red.  That and I was using a really small pot, so I couldn't shove all my dingy kitchen towels into the pot like I thought of doing.  Scarlet, you are my new favorite color.

I may have to buy another skein, just so I can keep playing with all fun colors.  Have you dyed anything recently?

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Anonymous said...

OK, now you are scaring me...