October 9, 2010

Also not knitting

 The shopping bug has hit me.  I have a hard time justifying shopping for myself, especially clothing purchases.  But I am super capable of spending money on clothes for family members, like Mr. Turbo and Lil' Turbo.

In fact, I would like to post some purchases for Lil' Turbo right now.  First up are some soft soled shoes from BugsandDaisies*.  Cold days are coming here finally in the South.  The shoes only cost me $9 including shipping!  Super cheap compared to the brand name shoes.   I've had them on him for a few days and so far so good.  The elastic doesn't dig into his cute fat ankles and he can't pull them off.  My only complaint is that after a few wears and washes the flannel fabric is wearing thin;  It's white wear it should be blue.  I do not believe that is the seller's fault, but I will know for my next purchase.

Lil' Turbo gets the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion.  Girls get like 99% of all the cute clothing designs.  And poor boys clothes get shoved to some back corner of the store where only blue, blueish and slightly blue clothes exist.  It drives me up the wall.  I am in constant search for adorable wardrobe that isn't blue and brown.

Enter Posh Legs*.  They were $7.95 plus 99¢ shipping.  So far I am really happy with her service.  I bought these on a Sunday night and I got an email that night telling me she was shipping them out Monday morning.  That alone is enough for me to recommend her.  The legs get pretty dirty after one wear, since he's crawling, but so do the rest of his clothes.  (Sometimes I wish he was wet and we would just us him as a mop as he crawls around...is that weird?)  And the crawling tends to make the leg warmers slide down his legs.  Also, not the sellers fault.  I imagine that all baby leg warmers do this.  I still love them.  They are so cute on his fat thighs!

(Not Lil Turbo's legs.)
Posh Legs

*WARNING*  Someone hacked our paypal account after I used these vendors.  Mr. Turbo believe it is likely that the hacker inserted code on to the vendor's server.  I plan on notifying the vendor.

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Lainey said...

Yes, unfortunately boys get the short end of the stick when it comes to clothes. I can't imagine having a boy w/ all the girl shopping I do. Tho, on the other hand, there are almost TOO many options for girls. Makes it really hard to make a decision-- esp for the older girlie girls that I have!