May 25, 2009

Real life is always interrupting my fantasies

You know the fantasies where you stay at home being paid the mega moola to lay around and do nothing. Not even knitting, because that would be too much pressure.... So.... where was I? Ah yes, bowing out to Real Life. Not that my Real Life is terribly busy. It's just terribly uninspiring. I do very normal things like go to work, come home watch TV and go to bed. All without knitting a stitch, which is precisely why cable TV is the Devil.

Although, there was that one weekend in April when my mother came up and she spent her monies on my yard, because let's face it-I don't have any. See my above fantasy. Moving on, we planted things and experimented.

First the container garden, because my yard is riddled with moles.

Right to left we have strawberries, which have produced some small, very delicious berries. I eat them straight off the vine. The strawberries sit on stacked cinder blocks for two reasons: a) to keep the bunnies away which my yard is also riddled with, but I don't mind as much as the moles, and b) to keep the dog pee away. I wish I could let my dog eat the stupid loose dogs which pee on my plants. I'm bitter.

Next are my tomatoes and onions, which according to the fantastic book Carrots Love Tomatoes are companion plants and should help each other thrive. I highly recommend this book for anyone who even thinks about gardening.

Further along, we have a fun new addition to the garden picked out by the Hubs; In the front are sweet peppers and the back are okra (also companion plants). I LOVE *say in singsong voice* it when he puts in his two cents on the vegetables we should garden. No, I really do because then he's invested to help eat said vegetables.

Then we have buckets of extra okra, peppers and onions, but I won't bore you with all the plant photos. I just show you a sampling of the okra and peppers in my recycled kitty litter containers. Don't worry. These aired out for months in the yard collecting rain water and dead bugs.

And finally we are experimenting with sod. See the hill of poor drainage behind my garden? All it does is slowly slide all that Georgia red clay into my yard. We got five squares (not all visible) to throw up on the hill and hope they rooted to help slow the creeping mud. And guess what?! They did! My Mom's a genius.

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