August 11, 2009

Real Life: part two (in lists)

I know. I know. On a knitting blog you are to do one of two things 1. knit 2. blog.

I have done neither of these things in several months because 1. Summer always throws me into a knitting jag 2. I need a new camera 3. I am contemplating giving up blogging.

But before I do any of those things, I thought I'd give it one last fling with at least the following sitting, currently gathering dust:

1. Pink booties
2. Blue booties
3. Some partially complete Japanese scarfage
4. PoPo's next sweater gone into hibernation
5. My Gilmore vest thrown into a corner awaiting a revival

Or maybe all of the above. Only time will tell.


Jackie said...

Don't give up! Just ramble. Let's see more doggie pictures. :D

turtlegirl76 said...

You're one of the few bloggers that can get away with no pictures. You're just plain funny. Just keep blogging and being you.