April 10, 2009

More blame placing

I hand wound the largest ball of yarn I have ever wound before. It's a scrumptious plum color ecowool from CascadeYarns for an upcoming project (more on that later). After 45 minutes of continuous winding it got me thinking...

Just how big is this ball of yarn? Is it as big as my head? Let's find out.

Huge ball of yarn: 19.5 inches.

TURBOchic's head: 21.5 inches. Unfortunately, TURBOchic's head wins the size game.

Obviously, I had to get help with these shots from the only other creature with opposable thumbs in the house-my Hubby. And like any normal person on earth, when you give him a flexible tape measure he must find things to measure. He found Nigel's belly, which made me feel slightly better about the size of my head.

Nigel's Belly Swag: 22 and a quarter almost on the 'in' breath.

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J.P. said...

Funniest. Post. Ever. Thanks for the laugh!