January 29, 2008

If you give a girl a pair of needles

If you give a girl a pair of needles...

She'll want to knit.

When she begins to knit, she makes a Garter Stitch Something.

Halfway through the Garter Stitch Something, she'll decide she wants to knit something better.

And while she's at it she wants to document her progress.

So she'll start her very own knitting blog.

She'll need photos for said blog.

So, she'll get a digital camera.

When that digital camera breaks, she'll con work into buying a new one.

Then she'll take a picture of her most recent knit, 'Rusted Root' to post it to the blog.

So, she'll go to the bathroom to use the mirror and realize that the counter's dirty.

So, she'll clean the counter.

She'll move all the items from the counters into the sinks so that she can clean under them and they won't be in the photo.

Then she'll realize that she forgot to put on her knit.

But her knit isn't on needles big enough to try on, so she'll have to put it on some spare yarn.

As she's putting it on the spare yarn, she'll realize that she needs to rearrange the needle so that the spare stitches are in back.

So she'll stand hunched over the bathroom counter knitting just one more row.

After she's got the needles and stitches all arranged, she'll realize that she needs a different shirt on to try on her knit.

So, she'll go get a top, but while she's at it she figures that she'll just change completely out of her work clothes.

As she's putting on her photo shoot top and is looking for her sweat pants, she'll realize that she forgot to take the photo.

So she'll stand pantsless in the bathroom taking a photo of her knit.

When she'll decide she needs to have her needles...

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Looks much better!!