January 22, 2009

Finish the dang toe already

Apparently, the erotic blankie time was more than y'all could handle. Y'all weren't touching that one with a ten foot pole. Don't worry this post won't have anything you have to touch. It'll be much tamer for your delicate sensibilities. It'll be about socks, or rather toes of socks.

Inside this case is a sock 100 % finished minus the toe. I can say that because in this pair of Spring Forward socks I have knit three cuffs and one toe. That's right three cuffs.

My size ones knit too tight and the twos knit too big, so just like Goldilocks I had to find the needle that fit just right, except I could order mine off the interwebs and not steal it from some poor bear family. Anyway, by that the time I figured this out I had knit up a sock with a size one leg and two foot and moved onto it mate in the perfect gauge, because let's face it: A sock is swatch. And as y'all know with SSS lingering in the dark corners of my house I wasn't about to re-knit a third sock. That would be asking for insanity.

So instead, I got the brilliant idea to flip the sock around and have the foot (which is smaller than my leg) become the size two leg part and the leg (cankles, remember cankles....) become the smaller size one foot! So really what I needed at my "toe" was a cuff and I could just rip back the cuff and replace it with a toe! BRILLIANT! There's just one problem...

I can't convince myself to pick up all those fiddly stitches and finish it off.

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turtlegirl76 said...

But it's so pretty when it's done! Just run a lifeline through it with some waste yarn and rip back!