January 23, 2009

Cambridge: the Saint of Sweaters


(Blogger I friggin' hate you.)

Has become this in the last few days:

The top picture was me trying to figure out if I should use a size US 8 or US 7 needle. I chose 7 even though it is producing a significantly tighter 'weave,' but it was putting me spot on in the gauge department, unlike the US 9's which are recommended. I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay off those babies.

I'm also knitting the front in halves like the directions call for, but I will be seaming up the front to make the a pullover with just a bit of zipper at the neck. The Hubby won't wear cardigans and frankly, I think he'd look pretty bad in a cardigan. As in, he'd look even more rumpled than normal, not that the cardigan wouldn't suit him. I mean, the man has two hampers one for clean and one for dirty. Things can simply not require folding, much less ironing.

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