January 20, 2009

Blankie Time!

You know like Hammer time, but for blankies. Shut up! It makes total sense to me.

Some people can't go without a sweater on their needles (think Gumperina the early days) or a scarf (think Gumperina post anti-sweater proclamation) or socks (the rest of you). I think for me that item has recently become the baby blanket. I don't why because I have no children, nor am I donating these blankets. They are just for me to use three at a time for proper lap coverage or just to hoard away like a dragon does treasure. Imagine me there sitting atop a heaping mound of snuggly blankets. The idea gives me the shivers in a totally erotic way.

So here I go again with the blankie this time in COTTON. Yes, I hate knitting in cotton, but this yarn is awesome. I have no idea why. It's cheapo mercerized cotton (Lara) from elann.com (may they never let me down) knitted up into Zoe Mellor's Dots and Stripes. Looking mighty fabulous I might add.

(I'm going to totally ignore how Blogger screwed with the orientation on this photo-which was taken horizontally I might add.)

With only the occasional user error this faux-tarsia is working wonderfully. I'm stranding between the spots/dots and twisting at the edges. I really didn't think it through all the way when I purchased a cotton yarn for this project and I am pleasantly surprised. (Unlike my Gilmore Girls vest which as had a ton of thought and is now sitting in time out.) I'm loving the color combos which are slightly more sharp than their pasty recommended pastels. It feels like everything I've worked on recently is so POP. It's really helping out on these waxy wintery days.

For those of you not into blankie's or are now wondering my sanity as I faux-tarsia away with cotton, I leave you with this geeky irony:

Non-geeks read: Maya, my cat, sitting on the Cat5 cabling boxes = a cat sitting on a cat.

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Anonymous said...

Even my non-geek self got the joke before reading the comment. That is too hilarious by the way. I also love the blanket even if it is cotton i still love how the color pattern is knitting up. Keep at it!!