November 16, 2008

Lady February

I cast on some yarn I've never used before and starting working on my Lady February. I picked up some Ms. Babs at SAFF this year to spoil myself a bit. She describes "Yowza- Whatta Skein!" line as worsted, I would compare it more to the light worsted weight of Louet. Hopefully this will shrink the sweater a bit (sage advice from Mrs. Zimmermann herself). The smallest size listed is a 35" and I need something a bit smaller.

For starters, I used a new cast on for the edging out of my reader's digest compilation that I am really happy with called 'Bind-off cast-on'. It's made with a chain stitch using crochet hook like a provisional cast on, except you're using the actual project yarn instead of waste yarn and the back stitch is looped around your left knitting needle ready to use for your next working row. Reader's Digest describes it as a very inflexible edging, but in this case I really think you don't want your neck line stretching much. Plus, I adore the clean line it gives the edge.

I also got to have fun with button holes. my trusty reader's digest also had a tricky-in-a-good-way one row button hole. It is created by clever positioning of the working yarn. First slip your first buttonhole stitch pwise wyif. Then yb and leave it there. Continue slipping pwise moving the first stitch over the second and off the needle as you would for binding-off until you reach the desired size for your buttonhole. I used four bound-off stitches. Then, slip the last bind-off stitch back to your left needle and turn. Yb. Cast-on for as many stitches as you bound off. I used the cable cast-on. When you've finished, cast on one more stitch. Yf before placing it on the left needle. Turn your work back to the RS and slip one stitch from your work kwise. Then pass your each cast-on stitch over it (as if binding-off). Continue working as normal.

Perhaps it might be easier to see larger?
Good fun.

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